Historical landmarks from the Middle
and three generations of

Château Laroche was owned by the Dukes and was one of the largest estates in Tauriac until the revolution. The castle was rebuilt and burned down again during the revolution. It was rebuilt in the twentieth century and is now run by the de Onffroy family.

« Our grandfather bought the estate in 1994 after leaving his vineyard in the Var to settle in Bordeaux.

A few years later, our father, Roland, joined him and started selling our wines. »


The estate

has been modernizing

for 25 years

The estate has been modernizing for 25 years

A more reasoned viticulture and more environment-friendly allowed us to get the HVE certification.

Our wine-making process improves every year to produce more expressive, high-quality wines that reflect each vintage and its specific characteristics

Our wines are aged in French oak barrels to give them more complexity and body

The quality of our wines has been rewarded at international,national and regional competitions.

Our wines evolve according to consumers’ expectations and tastes over time.

And we strive to produce new, more selective, pleasurable, prestigious wines.

A new chapter is opening…

Just graduated from an engineering school in agronomy and my brother finishing his business school training, we joined the family business in 2021 because of our passion for wine and in order to initiate a new dynamic.

Together, we share a common goal: to develop our production and offer new vintages that will delight wine enthusiasts. We want to get closer to you, wine lovers, by attending wine fairs, by communicating regularly with you through our social media pages, or by selling you our wines directly on our online store.

Lea de Onffroy